21 Key Shortcuts That Can Be Used in Google Chrome

Rahmat Subandi / 08 August, 2023

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In Google Chrome there are also several shortcuts that can be used to make it easier to use Google Chrome. Well, shortcuts are shortcuts in the form of features that have been provided by computers to make it easier for users.

The existence of this shortcut is very useful for cross-platform browsers that have been developed by Google, especially Google Chrome.

Moreover, Google Chrome can be said to be the most popular browser in the world.

Oh yes, Google Chrome has also been equipped with various features that can make the experience of using the internet more comfortable and faster, Adjarian.

Here are various shortcut keys in Google Chrome.

Shortcut Key pada Google Chrome

The following is a list of popular or frequently used shortcut keys in Google Chrome:

  1. Ctrl + N = Open a new window

  2. Ctrl + T = Open a new tab

  3. Ctrl + Shift + N = Open a new window in incognito mode

  4. Ctrl + O = Open file

  5. Ctrl + click link = Open link in new tab in background while remaining on tab

  6. Ctrl + Shift and click a link = Open a link in a new tab and switch to the tab you just opened

  7. Shift, and click the link = Open the link in a new window

  8. Alt + F4 = Close the active window

  9. Ctrl + Shift + T = Open the last tab that was closed (Google Chrome can only remember the last 10 tabs that were closed)

  10. Ctrl + 1 to 8 = Switch to the tab at the specified position number, where the number pressed represents the tab position on the tab strip

  11. Ctrl + 9 = Switch to the last tab

  12. Ctrl + Shift + tab or Ctrl + Page Up = Move to the previous tab

  13. Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4 = Close a tab or pop-up

  14. Alt + Home = Open our main page

  15. F6 or Ctrl + L or Alt + D = Shortcut to open Google Chrome features

  16. Ctrl + P = Print our page

  17. Ctrl + S = Save our page

  18. Ctrl + F = Open to find pages in tabs

  19. F5 = Reload page

  20. Esc = Stop page loading

  21. Ctrl + F5 or Shift + F5 = Reload page, ignore cache content

So, those are some lists of shortcut keys used in Google Chrome.

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