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I study at Mercu Buana University with an undergraduate study program majoring in Informatics Engineering.. My personal website is where I showcase my projects, writing, statistics, experience, and more. It also serves as a sandbox to play around with new technologies! Feel free to reach out via email or any social media with any inquiries.

Top Repository GitHub 🐱‍💻


Stater Pack Laravel (CRUD, Role, and Other)



CPSMI (Company Profile System Management Informarmation) is an open source project meant to be a custom CMS with a Compro case study.



This program was created with the aim of learning and reference to Big Task 2 Image Processing.



Spam Script WhatsApp Web with Javascript


Featured Projects

Image of pmk

Satgas Penanganan PMK

PMK is a website that provides information about foot and mouth disease in all types of livestock or wild animals. This website displays news, education, and related matters. This website also displays statistical data on the spread of foot and mouth disease in infected and identified animals. This website was built with Laravel version 7 with Larastater.

Image of idrip


The Indonesia Disaster Resilience Initiatives Project (IDRIP) is an Indonesian disaster resilience initiative project that aims to make society alert to disasters. Through the system created, it is hoped that the community will be alert, fast and efficient in reporting disasters. This website is built with using PHP programming language and using the framework Codeigniter 3. And the progress of this Web project is 75%, but delayed due to one internal reason.

Image of tbb


TBB is an e-commerce application that implements an a priori algorithm. This project was made personally by me for the needs of the final project / thesis. This website is built with using the PHP programming language using the Laravel 7 framework and MySQLdatabase.


Hans Development

Web Developer

2022 - Present


As a Web Developer, the tasks I do are: Install, configure, and perform maintenance on Internal and External VPS. Create a website according to company needs. Create custom themes and compatible with AMP. Create a website Blog Set basic SEO on the website. Perform routine maintenance on dozens of websites

PT Lima Sekawan Indonesia

Full Stack Web Developer



At Hivefive I use the PHP programming language or CMS Wordpress for such fast needs both internally and externally. Not only that, I also maintain 3 VPS at once, the first is HiveFive's VPS, the second is the client's VPS which accommodates 30 websites, and the third is the VPS client which accommodates 25 websites. VPS1 and VPS2 have clients that continue to grow, my estimate is that one VPS can accommodate 50 websites. And I also create client websites such as company profiles, e-commerce, or other custom websites.

PT Bintang Inovasi Teknologi

Software Engineering Specialist

2020 - Present

FreelancePart Time

At Owltech, I use PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript, SQL and several frameworks to create and update internal websites for Owltech and clients. I have completed 2 projects and more than 6 months part time or freelance work both in office and remote.

BNPB (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana)

Junior Web Developer

2020 - 2021


At BNPB, I use PHP, HTML / CSS, JavaScript, SQL and several frameworks to create and update internal websites for BNPB. I have completed 3 projects and more than 3 months internship work both in office and remote.

PT Putra Mulia Telecommunication

Telecommunications Technician

2017 - 2018

Full Time

At PMT I was a Telecommunications Technician whose job was to remotely, check, and make repairs to the first stage in terms of systems and lines at the BTS (Base Transceiver Station). The length of time I worked was 8 months, from September 2017 to April 2018.

PT Putra Mulia Telecommunication

Telecommunications Technician Support



At PMT I was a vocational high school student majoring in Computer and Network Engineering. In this internship, my job and position is only as a support technician, and my job is only to help technicians to make LAN cables, check cables on switches, routers, and antennas in BTS. Like the job of a support technician in general. The length of my internship at PMT is 4 months, from January to April.

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